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MyNIU - Student Update
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MyNIU has a new look! Users who visit will be prompted to log into the new MyNIU portal. Students, Faculty, and Staff will have access to the new areas which contains a custom set of links to the ERP systems the individual has access to in addition to links to Blackboard and GroupWise Webmail. Be sure to look at the Tips for the New MyNIU section.

To view MYNIU - Student Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

Use the links below to access the appropriate training materials for your area. Faculty and Staff training materials require login using your University AccountID and Password. You will be able to access Job Aids and other supportive materials that are specific to your department.

To register for training workshops, go to the ERP Training Calendar.

Faculty and Staff
Topics Include
Admissions Admissions Summary Page
Learning about Ferpa
Advising Advising Center
Viewing Student Academic Information
Advising Committee Setup
Service Indicators
Basic Navigation Navigation in MyNIU
Bio-Demo - Police Department FERPA Indicators
Using Bio-Demo Data
Using Enhanced Search
Campus Query Campus Query Manual
Course Activity Documentation Instructor View
Department View
College View
Faculty Center Faculty Center
Entering Final Grades
Financial Aid Financial Summary Page
Housing Enrollment Summary Page
Financial Aid Summary Page
MyNIU Portal Login to Portal
Registration Schedule of Classes
Using Quick Enroll/Overrides
Using General Permissions
Using Student Specific Permissions
Instructor information
Student Center Registering for Classes
Viewing Financial Aid
Student Financials Creating Group Post Entries
Using Student Account Look-Up
Transfer Credit Transfer Credit Translation
Transfer Credit Summary

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